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Never worry about the safety of your French Bulldog in the car again. 
Keep your Frenchie safely restrained and secure in vehicle while driving with our car safety belt & full harness. RRP $39.95 - Today Only $19.95!
  •  Black nylon adjustable safety dog seat belt.
  •  Adjustable length to fit all Frenchies!  
  •  Adjustable strap allows dog to sit, lay or stand comfortably!
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"The seat belt holds my Frenchie in place in the car. He is secure and at the same time is unable to try to climb into the front seat." - Dave M. Verified Buyer.
Okay... We're not saying our Frenchie car safety belt is comfortable but...!!
With the belt strap made from durable nylon and the harness from soft breathable air mesh and fully adjustable, you can be sure that your beloved Frenchie will not only be completely safe but also VERY comfortable!

  •  Secure, strong, and comfortable
  •  Harness made from a soft and breathable air mesh 
  •  Adjustable chest strap for an easy fit 
  •  Quick-release plastic buckle 
  •  Nickel-plated D-ring for leash attachment 
  •  Lightweight and breathable, it's very suitable for your pet.
Like to take your Frenchie for a nice ride in the car sometimes?
Many states and countries are requiring that your dogs must use a safety restraint, just like driving with a child in your car. With hefty fines, and even insurance premium increases, many areas are tightening their laws more and more.

But even more importantly, keeping your furry, 4 legged friends safe during a drive is even more of a reason to use French Bulldog Safety Seat belt ASAP!
Don't wait until it's too late! Protect your Frenchie now and save 50%
"This safety belt is the answer to a unspoken prayer. I had no idea how bad I needed it until I actually started using it! Great product!" - Patricia W. Verified Buyer.
"I personally can not have a pet where I live however my daughter and family have a black French Bulldog and now with the harness he can ride safely and like he is king of the car, Grandma likes to get things for him he is a good dog and now can ride safe" - Carol B. Verified Buyer.
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